Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hank to be patient?

Rather than trying to summarize every game every day (I don't have that kinda time and can't imagine there's a need for another summary), I think I'll keep a view of the game from a more macro level.

As such, this jumped out at me from the NY Post (with a big ole hat tip to my boys at's "Pride Of The Yankees" blog):

"They have to be brought along a certain way," Steinbrenner said. "The trash is littered with 20-(something) pitchers all throughout baseball history. Their arms fell off. It's something we're not going to allow to happen.

"When it comes to the postseason hopefully they'll really be ready. Joba will be, of course, a starter by then and hopefully he can be our 22-year-old [Josh] Beckett when he was with the Marlins."
You can file this one away for later in the year, if any of those guys are struggling and the Sox have pulled ahead of the Yanks in a big way, or if the Yanks are trailing in the Wild Card. Let's hope that doesn't happen, but put me down for not believing in Hank's suddenly patient nature.

It's amazing what an Opening Day win can do for the psyche.

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