Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Satisfying your inner geek

You're just going to have to read this one yourself if you have any interest in satisfying your inner geek and baseball fetish. Suffice it to say, these math guys are a wacky bunch.

The mathematician, Steve C. Wang, applied a method called Chernoff faces, in which data points in many dimensions are presented in a form that people react to more intuitively: the human face.

While reams of categorical data can be imposing and hard to parse, translating the differences among them into facial characteristics can communicate distinctions with striking clarity. By turning rates of bunting, stealing and pinch-hitting into hair sizes, nose shapes and smile widths, Dr. Wang used a kind of statistical Mr. Potato Head to portray the spectrum of managerial characteristics in a way that intrigued even the skippers themselves.

Written by Alan Schwarz, an excellent author and all-around nice guy.

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