Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Moment #25

The Post is taking the Top 25 moments at Yankee Stadium, one a week, to count down the last season before the Yanks move across the street into TNYS. The Post is also doing the same for the Mets but, well, you know...

Moment #25: Oct. 10, 1926: Game 7 of the World Series

Grover Cleveland Alexander already had pitched two complete-game victories for the Cardinals in the Series when manager Rogers Hornsby called for him to come in from the bullpen in the seventh inning of this one. The legend is that Alexander was sleeping in the bullpen when Hornsby wanted him, recovering from the celebration of the victory the night before.
[Alexander] wound up walking [Babe Ruth] anyway, bringing up Bob Meusel, a .315 hitter who had doubled and tripled off Alexander the night before. On the first pitch to Meusel, Ruth took off for second base and was caught stealing by catcher Bob O'Farrell to end the game and the World Series. It remains the only time a World Series ended on a stolen base attempt.
{see picture on right, Ruth, before using numbered jerseys}

Unbelievable. I wonder if Ruth was crucified like he'd be today. Then again, if he makes it and ends up winning the game, he only adds to his legend and gives Dave Roberts a run for the "best SB in playoff history".

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