Tuesday, May 27, 2008

'Cuse in the house

Just a quick note of congrats to the Boys in Orange, as they won their 10th lacrosse title over the weekend. They beat Johns Hopkins for the title and in doing so, became the winningest mens lacrosse program in NCAA Div 1 (Johns Hopkins had been tied with them with 9 titles, too).

"When you get recruited at Syracuse, you're going there to win a national championship," said [Mike] Leveille, who was voted the NCAA tournament's most outstanding player.
I was there when the Gait Brothers won three straight titles and while it was neat, I had little interest in it having never played lacrosse (not offered in my high school). Though, we did make some extra money for textbooks (um, yeah) making t-shirts celebrating the three-peat.

Of course, you wouldn't know it just by visiting their website. D'oh. I'm sure those pesky webmasters are simply hung over from celebrating. Yeah, that's it.

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