Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Voice of God

By now, everyone reading this blog should know how I feel about Bob Sheppard, his voice, his presence and how much I hope he's able to open TNYS next season. There's an encouraging interview with Sheppard here and it's worth a read, even if it devolves into a religious discussion on the 2nd page. (I'll skip the religious discussion since you're not coming here for that and frankly, I'm the wrong person to discuss that sorta stuff with anyways.)

Here are a few snippets (emphasis mine):
Bob Sheppard (BS): So my target date to be back is July 1. There is an All Star Game to be played at Yankee Stadium on July 15th and one of my goals is to be there and announce it. I did one years and years ago at Yankee Stadium but I can’t recall it. So now this would be something to remember. I do want to be there next year when we open a new Stadium. And I’d like to be the one who says, “Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen…Welcome to the NEW…Yankee Stadium.
BH: Derek Jeter has requested a recording of your voice be played every time he gets up to bat. With technology the way it is now, would you like the Yankees to create a digital version of your voice to always be played at Yankee Stadium?

BS: No! No! No! (laughs) I didn’t even know that Yankee Stadium would preserve what I had been saying after introducing Jeter for years now. But they started using it because Jeter asked him to do it. And I didn’t even know that he (Jeter) had done the requesting (laughs)! He said, “Mr. Sheppard introduced me the first time I came to bat years ago and I want to keep going that way as long as I’m a Yankee, I want to hear him introduce me.

As I mentioned before: Get well soon, Mr. Sheppard.

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