Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where's the outcry?

Wait a second? Did I miss something? We're on full hypocrisy alert. HYPCON 4, folks.

Joba pumps his fist in a May game after an 8th inning strike out and all hell breaks loose. The media are on his back. Goose Gossage calls it "un-Yankee" or something equally silly. The Indians cry foul, claim he's showing up the other team and batter, bringing up the old "double standard" whine.

Yet, last night, Papelbon, equally dramatic, exuberant and emotional as Joba, gave a huge fist pump after an 8th inning-ending strike out and another when he ended the game the next inning. What gives? Not so much as a whimper by the press and media. I know, I checked. Where's the same outcry?

Here's a Zapruder-quality video of the final out ( won't let you embed their videos, but don't get me started on that dumb rule):

Lest you be confused about my stance: I think all of this emotion, excitement, etc. is GREAT. Why be so robotic and boring? Who wants to see that? Not me. Let Joba and Papelboner do their fist pumps so long as it's done at the right time for the right reasons and in a way that's not done to embarass their opponents.

Let's have some fun.

UPDATE: The good guys at The Sports Hernia had a typically amusing view of this "issue" and I lifted their picture for use here, above, which is from last night's action. Thanks, fellas!


Ron Rollins said...

I agree completely. As long as they're not showing up the other team, let have a good time.

I mean, it is still a game after all.

Lefty said...

Playing devils advocate for a second here but, Paps has accomplished more than Joba has he not? I think he and K-Rod should be allowed a bit more leeway than Joba(Though K-Rod pushed it a bit a few days ago when after a game ending K, he stood on the mound for a good 10 seconds with his hands outstretched to the sky).
That said whenever you hear any negativity about something slightly silly a Yankee player does, chalk it up to bias in sports media against the Yanks and at times, even the Sawks.

Jason said...

Why does "accomplishment" have to enter the equation? So long as the player isn't "showing up" his opponent and the expressions are merely out of joy, so what?

To make a strange lefthand leap: No one wants to watch the Spurs in the Finals because they are percieved to be boring. People want to watch other PEOPLE do amazing things and celebrate when they succeed. It's that simple to me.

as far as the media: I don't gripe about media bias since it works both ways. I am OK with a nation of anti-Yanks and anti-Sox people. I get it and I'm OK with wearing the black hat. It's the media that helps fund my team's ridiculous payroll that keeps them contenders year in and year out.