Friday, May 23, 2008

Nerd Machine

I'm an admitted hybrid of stat geeks: I like all the new ways to examine and analyze the game, but I don't obsess over them. I love OBP but I know others love OPS+. I appreciate WARP and VORP but don't track or memorize the numbers or know how to calculate them.

That said, the new Pitch f/x on is pretty neat. Have a ride in the latest Nerd Machine.

I've developed and often use this phrase as it relates to me and my job and I think it's relevant to this discussion: Data is interesting only if you can turn it into actionable information; otherwise it's just a waste of resources. We're presented with so much data on a daily basis. It's when you can turn that data into information that will affect decisions and strategy that it actually becomes useful. Otherwise, you have armies of people churning excel spreadsheets merely to stay employed.

Pitch f/x is simply another vehicle to help turn data into information.

And at what point can the Mainstream Media ditch the "nerd", "geek", "living home with mom in the basement while she washes my clothes" stereotypes?

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