Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sumthin' fo' nuthin'

LaTroy Hawkins, the latest craptastic middle reliever/set-up schlub the Yanks brought in, was sent home for 3 days and fined for failing to retaliate properly. Well, that wasn't in the memo, but it's the reason why he is getting a long weekend off.

New York Yankees reliever LaTroy Hawkins has been suspended three games for throwing an inside, head-high pitch to Baltimore Orioles left fielder Luke Scott, Major League Baseball announced Thursday.
First he misses with a pitch that would have been OK. Waist high. Standard protocol for hitting someone after your star SS is drilled. But he freakin' MISSED. Dumbass. Missed. So his next pitch sails over the batter's head and Hawkins is tossed and there's a bench clearing love-in.

Sounds familar, right? Because my favorite no-talent ass-clown Farnsworthless did the same damn thing to Manny earlier this year.

It was the second time this season a Yankees pitcher has been suspended for a high throw that did not hit a batter. Kyle Farnsworth was suspended for throwing behind the head of Boston Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez.
Not a big fan of self-quoting but here goes, from yesterday:

Hawkins & Farnsworth: If you miss an intentional attempt to exact payback from one of your teammates getting plunked, don't try it a 2nd time with that batter. Getting ejected and insighting a brawl is useless and only serves to get your teammates hurt further. And for the love of all things holy, stop throwing near a guy's head.

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Chris H. said...

This'll teach you to collect Cub rejects. It never works out.