Friday, May 23, 2008

Get over yourselves

I just read this and my first thought (and you know what they say about your first, gut reactions) is that Lonn Trost and Randy Levine must really be the biggest wussies around. My other immediate thought was "so what?"

Ortiz will have the opportunity to be like Babe because of a Call Your Shot promotion that is part of the home run derby. The fan who wins the online contest will choose a spot where he believes Ortiz can smash a homer. Then Ortiz has one swing, one dramatic swing, to do it.

But the Yankees do not seem as if they want Ortiz to take that swing. The Yankees were upset about the plans involving Ortiz and said they were unaware of the promotion until a reporter contacted them Thursday night. The Yankees were discussing the matter internally and planning to contact Major League Baseball for an explanation.
Based on how the Yankees apparently feel about Ortiz, there has not been any thawing between them and Red Sox. Since Ortiz joined the Red Sox in 2003, he has manhandled the Yankees and powered Boston to two World Series championships. If there is one player that the Yankees do not want to see batting during critical at-bats, it is Ortiz. For everyone but the Yankees, it is one fun and potentially fan-profitable swing. The Yankees would rather have Alex Rodriguez, their home run hero, calling his shot. But Rodriguez has traditionally shunned home run derbies.
Has my hometown team become the biggest bunch of wussies? Has management become so over-the-top concerned about the same things we used to mock the Sox for: curses, hoaxes, etc.? Yeesh, this makes my skin crawl.

Memo to Yanks ownership/leadership: Get over yourselves.

[My own joke to myself: If ARod was picked for that promo, can I call "a high popup to the SS" as where I think he will hit that one pressure-filled pitch? ba-dum-cha!

Also, is there any doubt why ARod won't participate in those Derbies? I don't think so.]

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Ron Rollins said...

Much as I never thought I would say this, I actually have to agree with the Yankees on this one. It's their stadium, and the celebration is about Yankee Stadium and the Yankees player who have played there.

Ruth had his "called" shot a Yankee, and not as a Red Sox. Maybe I'm just too cynical, but this seems to me to be something designed to specifically create controversy. Especailly after the whole jersey thing.

It wouldn't be appropriate for Rodrgiguez to go to Fenway to do this. Its not appropriate for Ortiz to go to Yankee stadium and do it.