Thursday, May 29, 2008

Invading Big Mac Land

During batting practice, Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols drilled a home run that knocked the lights out of the "Big Mac Land" sign on left field's second deck. Pujols blasted the "A" in "MAC," though it wasn't apparent until the game had started and the lights for the letter were dark.
While it was done during pre-game batting practice, the effect is still awesome:


themarksmith said...

Pretty cool. I have it over on my blog as well. Think he'll go after any more?

Ron Rollins said...

You know, Pujols went to high school and played JuCo ball in Kansas City. And the Royals felt he would never develop into a big league player. so they made no effort to sign him.

As I bang my head slowly against the desk while I'm thinking about it, I feel the need to cry.

"But there's no crying in baseball"