Monday, May 19, 2008

Re-examining Wang, Part VI

You'll have to pardon the abbreviated version but work calls.

Wang was at home, facing the also-struggling Mets, a place where Wang has excelled over his career. The result: his worst outing of the year, but also rather Jeckyl & Hyde-ish.

Innings 1-3: Perfect, but no K's.
Inning 4: Disaster, benefitted by a blown HR call which would have made it look even worse. Molina called it pretty succintly: "He kept the ball up a little bit and couldn't get it down. He got a couple of pitches up and just got hit. It's not pretty usual [for Wang] because he's a sinkerballer. He gave us a chance still, throwing [7 2/3 innings] to give us a chance. We couldn't score anyway." Giambi had a half decent game in the field, but his inability to make the throw to Jeter opened the floodgates.
Inning 5: Perfect.
Inning 6: Lead-off HR surrendered, his 2nd of the season. Then three straight outs.
Inning 7: Perfect.
Inning 8: [Note to self: why on Earth is Wang back in this game in the 8th?] Double, Out, IBB, Sac fly. Wang out. IBB scored later, charged to Wang.

Ending line: 7.2 IP, 6 H, 7 ER, 3 BB, 1 K, 104 PC, L.

Again, another low-K outing where Wang wasn't able to put away the hitter. Nearly two HR's surrendered, though Wang benefitted from the blown call on Delgado's shot.

I'm not worried or concerned about Wang. It happens. But, his control of those "out" pitches seems to be gone from earlier this season. If he reverts merely to his 2007 form, so be it.

But.... this Yankee offense is so asleep right now. Jeter batting 3rd? Molina and Giambi below Mendoza. Cano not much better. Yes, a lot of it can be attributed to ARod and Posada's injuries, but how 'bout a little personal pride, fellas? At least look like you care. I'm not always one to harken back to the 90's teams but where's a bit of the Paulie fire? Someone throw a freakin' bat, get ejected, bust a water cooler. Anything. Damon, who was off to a nice start this year, looks lethargic and he's the spark plug. Giambi is still waving at pitches. Abreu remains catatonic. Cano looks like he can't wait to swing at every pitch so he can sit down earlier.

I hope they wake up soon. Otherwise Hank's going to do something rash.

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