Thursday, May 15, 2008

Said better...

Jayson Stark has a wonderful piece on the path Clemens chose, the scorched Earth approach, and how is could have been different for him had he chose the "Pettitte Path" instead. It's worthy of a print-and-read, so here's the link.

Reason why Jayson's so good at what he does: he says things better than most, in a way we can all understand. Like this:

We'll never know now, though. Will we? Let's say again here that, because this is America, we're willing to give this man some benefit of the doubt, that maybe he couldn't do that because he is innocent of the original crime he was accused of.

But if he is innocent, and that's why he took the course he did, then we've arrived at the ultimate irony:

The price he has paid for claiming he is innocent has been more painful and powerful than the price he undoubtedly would have paid for admitting guilt.

So well said.

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