Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thanks for sharing

Today, we give Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland the "Too Much Information" award as he shares too much about 3B/SS/1B Carlos Guillen's, um, sensitive condition:

There's a reason Carlos Guillen had a rough game -- including two errors -- Monday night at third base. "He can hardly move -- he's got hemorrhoids so bad," Tigers manager Jim Leyland said Tuesday. "He's been playing with hemorrhoids that probably need to be lanced. He probably shouldn't have been out there (third base on Monday)."

Leyland said the hemorrhoids have been bothering Guillen for about four or five days, but they have gotten worse in the last few days. "He could hardly walk (Monday night)," Leyland said.
Oh, my eyes. Why such details?!? Isn't that against HIPAA rules or something? Somewhere, Kaz Matsui knows the pain that Guillen must be feeling.

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