Tuesday, August 26, 2008

9 more years!

Just think, 9 more years of fans killing ARod when he fails in the clutch. I want him to do well so badly but it's painful to watch. The nonchalant gum popping...the waving at pitches low and away...

Yes, he just hit into another double-play, this time in the 7th with the bases loaded. When we needed him the most.



tHeMARksMiTh said...

But at least he has some value. Francoeur does the same thing, but sucks at all other times, too. Granted, A-Rod makes about 50 times what Frenchy makes, but they both kill their teams just the same.

tHeMARksMiTh said...

And he struck out to end the game. Sorry Jason.

Osmodious said...

Hey, at least he made an error in the next inning to make up for...um...never mind.

To be fair, that was a hard hit ball that just ate him up, and he rushed the throw a little bit. Still, it was scored an error, and the boo-birds didn't even wait for that official score.

In the post game, he was answering with his, as Kruk put it on BT, 'usual say-nothing platitudes'. But then he started throwing around some more 'colorful' language, which gained Kruk's respect at least ('played like shit'...nice, I like it!). Sometimes you DO have days like this, Alex, but as you said, you come back early the next day and work harder. Good save...and it's nice to hear these guys sound human once in a while.

Besides, with a strikezone shaped like the Star of David, there was only so much that anyone could have done to compensate!

Jason said...

I watched the game to the bitter end. I saw the error. I saw the game ending K.

I didn't have the desire to come back and write more about it.

I'm trying not to pile on the guy. I want him to succeed. The team needs him to succeed.

But man, he makes himself so darn, um, boo-able. Act human, dude. Show us you recognize the situation around you.

tHeMARksMiTh said...

He did save-face by talking to the media and admitting it was his fault. It seems like that would be commonplace, but most players refuse to talk to the media after they screw up. But, he still sucks right now.

dimitrios said...

I had a similar discussion about A-Rod with a good friend of mine. What A-Rod hasn't been able to figure it is that Yankee fans, as a general rule, really remember what you do in the post season. If you are average or mediocore during the regular season, but turn in on during the post season you can do no wrong. But god help you if you play great during the regular season, but totally suck during the post season.

And I think this is the chip on A-Rod's shoulder. The man has great regular season stats, just ask A-Rod, he will tell you how great his stats are. But his post season and clutch stats, not so great and Yankee fans demand greatness from their players during the post season.

Thats why Scott Brocious will never have to buy a drink in New York ever again.

I want to like A-Rod and for the most part I do like A-Rod, but I would rather have Jeter up during a clutch at bat than A-Rod. I don't know if stats support my position, but that is how I feel and when he hits into another dp or whiffs....

Jason said...


I think that Jeter's "clutch-ness" is overrated. Or if not overrated, it's at least dated.

Saw a line in an article, probably by Neyer, yesterday that basically Yanks fans have to realize that Jeter is 34, not 24. I certainly realize that, that's for sure.

Jeter's clutch stats, and I will try to dig them up, aren't better than ARod's, if memory serves. There's year to year variation but on a whole, they are probably both in line with their non-clutch performance.

If I can dig them up, maybe that will be a new posting. Thanks for the idea.

Osmodious said...

dimitrios, I do have to disagree with something you said...there is no ONE thing that is a chip on ARod's shoulder. EVERYTHING is a chip on his shoulder. This guy is the posterchild for 'insecurity'.

As a result, he's his own worst enemy. He puts far too much pressure on himself. It's weird, how thoroughly he doubts his own ability...and we all know that 90% of sports is half about confidence.

Jason said...

and you can tell 90% of the story with statistics, charts and graphs at least 50% of the time.