Thursday, August 14, 2008


Looks like I will be able to keep my "In Cashman We Trust" mantra going a bit longer.

Never mind the Yankees' current standing in third place, or their recent struggles. Both Steinbrenner brothers are now said by people familiar with their thinking to be on board with Brian Cashman as their general manager, for now and long into the future. Even if the Yankees fail to play into October for the first full season since 1993, club insiders say that the Steinbrenners plan to offer Cashman a contract extension after this season.
That's a relief.


Chris Heer said...

You have to wonder, though, if Cashman will want to keep the job for much longer.

He's often (rightly or wrongly) knocked because of the resources he has to work with (as in, "Anyone can win with that payroll," or, "He can just buy his way out of his mistakes.")

Add to that the pleasure of dealing with Hank, who has none of the class of his old man (you heard me), and I would think that sooner or later he'd just throw up his hands and say, "Who needs this?"

Jason said...

You might think that Cashman might feel that way, but he's been a member of this company, remember it's a business, since the 80's. This might be all he knows and has a genuine love for the team, the game, the city.

Of course, he might be totally sick of it and is waiting for the Padres gig to open so he can go veg in a mellow city with perfect weather. Or maybe that's just me.

Chris Heer said...

Could be. It just strikes me that he's in a no-win situation: if he wins, he gets the "anybody could've" comments, and if he loses, he gets blamed.

He may have to wait for a long time if he wants San Diego; I kind of get the impression that Kevin Towers has a job for life there. Then again, sports fans are different in San Diego. Don't get me wrong, they like their teams and all that, but having lived there for about a decade, I can tell you that compared to fans in NY, Chicago or Boston, they're practically comatose.

(Bet I could've made that sentence go on even longer...)