Thursday, August 28, 2008

So now what?

So now what should the Yanks do to play out the string? I'm already in favor of dumping Ponson in favor of ANY of the kids on the farm....

Bugs & Cranks' Yanks correspondent Ed Valentine has some interesting ideas, too. (You'll have to head there to read the full thing as I don't want to pilfer the whole shebang.) To summarize:

  1. Shut down Joba Chamberlain
  2. Play Brett Gardner every day
  3. Shut down Hideki Matsui
  4. Get Phil Hughes some big-league starts
  5. Play Johnny Damon at first base

I know all of this makes the Yankees seem like a $200 million version of the Washington Nationals. But, the reality is, that is what they are. Just another team going nowhere in 2008 that needs to spend the next few weeks finding out what they can about how they will be constructed in 2009.

I like his thinking, though I am not so sure about Damon at 1B.


Jon said...

As a Yankee-hater and Orioles fan, I am in favor of anything that means I never have to see Damon in center again. He has no arm. I would rather see someone else throw out an Oriole stretching a double than ever watch Damon bounce a throw to the second baseman standing on the grass.

Jason said...

(nods in silent agreement)

tHeMARksMiTh said...

You know, I don't really agree with the Nationals comment considering the Yankees are still well above .500. In most other divisions, the Yankees are still in it. The Yankees are still good, but they're not "that" good.

Osmodious said...

It's funny, I was talking to my brother the other night and he had the same idea about Damon. Can't say that any of the other things you listed were too out there, either. Heck, I'd even possibly consider getting Matsui into surgery as soon as possible, to give him the best chance to heal prior to next spring (one of the reasons he's had trouble with that knee is because of the extra stress put on it from surgery to the other to take care of this one before he damages the repaired one).

So, I guess this means most people are ready to write off this season absolutely. It is possible that the debacle of this series with Boston could give them the push they need to get it in gear. Or maybe there IS no 'gear'. I don't know, but I'm fairly certain that the Yankees don't have it in them to volunteer death of the season before mathematical elimination. If they DO write it off, they should consider trying to actually, you know, win a few games for Mussina. That would be nice.