Monday, August 25, 2008

Just because he rakes

Sometimes, the answer might be the easiest and most obvious one:

The left-hander is expected to command at least $100 million as the top starting pitcher in free agency, and Blake said Sabathia has shared no inside information about his preferred destinations. Sabathia hails from the Bay Area and has said he is shopping for a home in Southern California.

"I think he wants to be close to home,"
Blake said. "I think it would be in his best interest to stay in the National League.


"Just because he rakes,"
Blake said.

We Yanks fans like to hope that every ballplayer is solely driven by the biggest paycheck, but sometimes, there's more to the story than that. I've made a little home here claiming it's about the money, stupid, but ya know what, it might not be for Sabathia.

Of course, if he winds up in pinstripes, we'll know it's about the money, stupid!

UPDATE (8/25/08, 11:30am): Just took a second to scan the daily Jon Heyman news and notes and he has this about Sabathia:
But despite Sabathia's expected interest in going home, that doesn't mean it's likely to happen. Many believe that money will eventually decide the Sabathia Sweepstakes, making the Yankees the favorites over the Dodgers and Giants.

The Giants have long shown a willingness to spend, but it remains questionable how anxious they'd be to enter into another megadeal for a starting pitcher considering that pitching is by far their greatest strength. It would also take quite a strong stomach for them to agree to another nine-figure contract following the high-profile $126-million deal for Barry Zito that has blown up.
Regardless, Sabathia, should have plenty of big-market choices, led by the Dodgers, who nearly made a deal for him in June, and the Yankees, who will have even deeper pockets than usual with $88 million coming off the books and untold millions coming on via their new Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees' ability to blow away the field makes them the pre-derby favorite. And as one baseball executive said regarding Sabathia, "
It's going to be a big number.''
So maybe it will be about the money.

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tHeMARksMiTh said...

Yeah, you know, most guys say they just want to be happy (Teixeira), but you know they just want the biggest contract. As for friends or confidants speaking about a player, they really don't know. They just want their 15 minutes.