Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I couldn't muster a title for this.

I watched much of the Yankees game last night, at least into the 6th or so when the game was tied. I lost much of my appetite for the game once Joba left. Not that he was doing well (he wasn't), but the image of another Yanks pitcher leaving a Texas game early (that's where Hughes blew out his hammy in the midst of a no-hitter last year) left me feeling queasy. So I went upstairs to watch TV with my wife (that David Caruso is gawdawful terrible, by the way).

That I missed a walk-off grand slam was a good thing.

I'll hope a double mug of liquid motivation kicks in soon.

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E-5 said...

I made the mistake of picking up the game at 6-5...I think I shut of the computer (SlingBox) before the ball landed...ugh