Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Charity Challenge

Here's my challenge to you, my loyal readers:

Anyone who donates $100 or more to either charity below (Jimmy Fund/Dana-Farber or American Cancer Society's "Making Strides") can create their own posting about ANY subject and I will post it here, unedited (make it SFW, please!). You want to bash the Yanks on a Yanks-centric blog, go for it. Want to talk about the Olympics, fine. Knitting, sure. Put your money where your mouth/keyboard is. *

Also, if you can't donate that much but can donate even just $5, send me an email with your name, hometown and I will put together a roster of those readers who were generous enough to dig into their wallets for great causes.

* I hate to ask, but for any $100 donation, please email me the confirmation.

For reference:

UPDATE (8/15/08, 8:30am): We have our first Charity Challenge winner!!! None other than loyal reader/poster tadthebad was the first to take me up on my challenge. I couldn't be happier to turn over the floor to him. He's a RedSox fan so this should be great. Stay tuned for his posting.

UPDATE (8/15/08, 10:40): Shysterball is on board! Please share these links with any other blogs/websites you may frequent. The more we get this out, the more help we can do.

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