Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buster on Mike & Mike

Just watched Buster on Mike & Mike In The Morning* on ESPN discuss the Yanks and the coming inflection point. He noted that a decision as big as when Babe Ruth left the Yanks is coming, and that decision will be what to do with Jeter. He noted that Jeter's slowing and at some point soon will need to move to LF or CF.

Buster is very well connected within the Yanks from his beat writing days so I wonder how much discussion, internally, is actually taking place, or if Buster was just riffing.

* If anyone can find a video clip, please shoot me a link!


Osmodious said...

It's funny, I had started a controversy with my friends last year or two saying I thought Jeter would be a great CF, when we were looking for a premiere guy for that position. He would certainly not be the first Yankee SS to make the move (Mickey Mantle, anyone?), and he would be great at it (nobody at SS goes back on a pop up as well as him). Some pointed out that it would be tough to get him to move from the 'prestige position' of SS, but CF is the other prestige position on the field, so I see it as a bit of a wash.

I guess we'll just have to wait to see what happens, but I think it would be neat for Joe to use one of the blowout types of games to move the pieces around the field to see how they perform there...

Jason said...

Robin Yount did it and succeeded at both (all star at both positions).

Mantle DID come up as a SS but didn't play it as a Yankee. Berra moved from C to OF.