Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Jeter fact

Stumbled across this in the notes of a larger story and it wow'd me (emphasis mine).

Derek Jeter went 1-for-4 and has 2,504 hits. That's 14 behind Babe Ruth for second on the all-time Yankee list. Lou Gehrig is first with 2,721.

Jeter has 1,255 hits at the Stadium. That's 14 short of Gehrig's all-time record with 14 games left.

He has over 2500 hits and he's 34. I knew he had a lot of hits but that number creeped up on me and startled me. He's not getting 200 hits a year for the the next few years, but could he average 150 and surge past 3000 in a hurry. If he plays another 6 years at 150 hits a year, well, he'd be in some awfully fancy company!

In case you're curious, here's the leaderboard for career hits:

Rank / Player / Hits
1. Pete Rose 4256
2. Ty Cobb+ 4189
3. Hank Aaron+ 3771
4. Stan Musial+ 3630
5. Tris Speaker+ 3514
6. Carl Yastrzemski+ 3419
7. Cap Anson+ 3418
8. Honus Wagner+ 3415
9. Paul Molitor+ 3319
10. Eddie Collins+ 3315
11. Willie Mays+ 3283
12. Eddie Murray+ 3255
13. Nap Lajoie+ 3242
14. Cal Ripken+ 3184
15. George Brett+ 3154
16. Paul Waner+ 3152
17. Robin Yount+ 3142
18. Tony Gwynn+ 3141
19. Dave Winfield+ 3110
20. Craig Biggio 3060
21. Rickey Henderson 3055
+ - Indicates Hall of Famer


Osmodious said...

It took me a couple of years to come around, too, but the fact is: Jeter is a great baseball player, and, more appropos to this post, is a great hitter.

And that's not even looking at his productive outs stats (which a 'team oriented' guy like Jeter excels at), which are PDG as well...

Jason said...

C'mon Os, you know the "Jeter is overrated" stuff is about to start up again!

dimitrios said...

ha, I feel vindicated...