Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hank reads IIATMS

Hank must have been reading my posting from yesterday, citing my list of "what if's" about this year, although I just feel that he fails to see the bigger picture.

"I think it's very simple, we've been devastated by injuries. No team I've ever seen in baseball has been decimated like this. It would kill any team," Steinbrenner said. "Imagine the Red Sox without [Josh] Beckett and [Jon] Lester. Pitching is 70 percent of the game. Wang won 19 games two straight years. Chamberlain became the most dominating pitcher in baseball. You can't lose two guys like that."

True, the Yanks have been devastated by injuries. No question. It just smells funny when he is talking like the Yanks have been the first team ever to be stricken with many injuries. It happens. But simply attacking the highest priced free agent pitcher might not be all this team needs.

"We're going to win it next year," he said. "If we need to add a top veteran pitcher, we'll do that. We'll do whatever we need to do. Next year we'll be extremely dangerous."
I think more than that (signing Sabathia, Sheets or whomever) needs to happen. But that would be a nice start. I welcome more suggestions how to turn this ship around. Email me your plan and if it's thoughtful, I'll post it.

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Carl the Big Fool said...

I agree with the "It would kill any team" part, but "No team I've ever seen in baseball has been decimated like this?" HA! The Nats have had ALL NINE starters from Opening Day go on the DL this year.