Friday, August 15, 2008

Reader mailbag: Delusional Yankee fans

Here's an email from a Mets fan who calls all Yanks fans "delusional". The title above was the title of the email I got (I refused to make any grammar or punctuation edits. As is, from a Mets fan).

His plan on fixing the Yanks for 2009:

OK I'm a Yankee Hater and I know Joe Orange . So here is how you really fix the Yanks.

1. Make a strong run at both C.C. Sabathia age 28 and Ben Sheets 30 hope to get both settle for one. They appear to be working well together in Milwaukee.

2. Sign Adam Dunn RF/1B age 29 he would be a monster in Yankee Stadium.

3. Resign both as long as the price is right Ponson and Mussina. I know this will drive the bronx fans crazy seeing Ponson come back but he is performing well and that all that matters.(side note why do Yankees fans Love Mussina and hate ponson. Do they forget that Mussina was getting run out of town and the end of last season?)

4. Move Joba back to the pen less innings =possible healthy Joba. 12 starts and 3 or 4 of those while they were switching from pen to starter already hurt . going to be 23 with arm worries sorry folks add Joba to the list of many young power arms that are never going to reach the mountain top.

5. The last free agent I would pursue is Rich Aurilla. 1b/3b nothing special but solid from both sides of the plate.

That would leave you a rotation of Sabathia,Sheets, Wang, Ponson and Mussina with hughes and kennedy able to develop as spot starters. In reality I hope Hank takes control and this is the 1st year of many that the Bronx Bombers miss the playoffs.

And he calls Yanks fans delusional?

I agree with #1; I'd make a run at both of 'em.

I don't know Adam Dunn other than his stats. He's a typical AL DH waiting to happen. Big, lumbering, huge power, nice OBP, maddening K's. Well heck, we have Giambi for that, don't we? And for $10-12M next year, we could have Giambi back and not have to ante up the big loot that Dunn is reportedly seeking. I also have to wonder what Ricciardi was onto regarding Dunn's lack of passion for the game. How will he like the craziness of NY/BOS?

I agree, re-signing Moose seems like a good idea, 2 years MAX. Ponson, don't get me started.

Joba back to the 'pen? He had been developing into a premier starter before his shoulder tightened. According to everything I've heard/read, it's nothing too serious and nothing an off-season of strength training and conditioning couldn't help. He's WAY too valuable as a front line starter.

Rich Aurelia? I agree that he's a fine ballplayer but we've got enough 38 year old ballplayers. This team needs to add youth, speed, quickness. The team needs to evolve from a team of sluggers back into one that can also adapt to small ball as needed. These offensive slumps that we're seeing right now could be helped by some speed, basic fundamentals (bunting, station-to-station playing), etc., rather than waiting for that 3-run HR.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

Um, wow?

Brian said...

I assume we'll be sending Sheets to the pen when we sign him.

Sidney Ponson is a bad pitcher. He hasn't been pitching well and we have career set of data that says that he's a bad pitcher.

Moose, on the other hand, is a hall of famer and, thus, is more likely to pitch well. People love Moose and hate Ponson because Moose is an amazing pitcher and Ponson is a bad pitcher (and a drunk driver to boot!)

Rich Aurilia has a career .330 OBP. He would add nothing to the Yankees. Also, he plays two positions where there will be two MVP candidates in 2009.

Jason said...

(looking Brian's way)

Well said, sir.

Christopher D. Heer said...

On the other hand, Dunn isn't a totally terrible idea. Yeah, he'll cost more than Giambi, but he's also got a decade on Giambi, too. Giambi's about at that age where performance starts to decline rapidly.

I honestly don't understand the Rich Aurilia suggestion at all.

Osmodious said...

I know the reason for the Rich Aurelia comment...HE'S the one who sent the email!

But seriously, I really liked Jason's comment about needing youth and more all-around skilled players, it's what I've also felt for 8 years now. For some reason, the Yankees always slip into this mode where they think they need a slugger (usually an aging one) at every single position. I believe this is a Steinbrenner directive, since he (they) have always loved to get A) guys who have hurt the Yankees and B) guys who make as many headlines as runs.

I always point to the '98-era team as what the Yankees need...a balance of age and youth, good defense players, more 'on-base' guys than power guys. I like that they have given Christian and Gardner a shot...either one can fill the role that Homer Bush had back then, though I think both also have more all-around skill than Bush did.

Oh, and I can't say that I love the idea of Dunn. He's a fine prototypical power hitter, at least of the modern age, but I just have a...vibe...about him that doesn't ring right. I know, real scientific...Bill James would be upset and all that. But consider that he is kind of slovenly (may not seem important, but it IS in the Yankee world), and seems very casual (maybe there was something in Ricciardi's comments? I'd hate to think so.). I just get the impression that he could be a lot better than he generally displays.