Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anecdote of the day

Loyal reader Osmodious shared a story in the comments section of my recent posting "Hating Boston: Not just for NY'ers anymore". Far be it from me to withhold the rants of a fellow madman, particularly one who is not a Yankee fan, with a great anti-RSN rant:

We went to Baltimore over Memorial Day and saw the Yanks play the Orioles... two rows in front of us was a Red Sox fan (who looked like something out of the D&D Monster Manual, in the 'Gnomes and Dwarves' section) and his troglodyte wife. They were the loudest and most obnoxious people in the entire ballpark...and there were a LOT of Yankee fans there!

Seriously, this asshat ruined the game for scores of people (many of whom actually MOVED to get away from him). Kevin Millar is a hero but Johnny Damon is a traitorous bum...yeah, whatever (these are the same types that boo ARod, forgetting that he was willing to take a pay CUT to play there but their management screwed it up!).

People badmouth Yankee fans, but the fact is that Yankee fans are also BASEBALL fans. Red Sox fans are masochistic retches that are incapable of feeling anything other than the huge chip on their shoulder. I have seen Yankee fans cheer an opposing player for a 'Web Gem'...and I have seen Red Sox fans shout obscenities to Jorge Posada in the batter's box about his son's medical condition. Sick, sick people.

Thanks, Os.

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