Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bud is damn pleased with himself

In an interview, Bud announced that he's quite pleased with himself (emphasis mine):

Q: You have always referred to yourself as a purist. Are you on board with the momentum toward instant replay? How much of a role should it play in your mind?

A: Well, I don't know. The GMs voted 25-5. I guess the only thing I would say if we do it -- and I've made no decisions, because I'll agonize over that -- it will be a most limited way. I know other sports are using IR and I have different thoughts on that. I am a purist, but I'm the same purist that went to interleague play and the wild card. I took a terrible pounding for that; now everybody loves it. Those who were critics forgot they were critics. And there is revenue sharing, so I'm probably the greatest agent of change in baseball history … but I don't want to tamper with the game. I'm sensitive about that. If there's something I'm convinced will help the game, I'll do it, but I haven't quite gotten to that area yet.

Now, I think he happens to be right about that claim, but it was just interesting to hear it come directly from him.

Revenue sharing has changed the economics of the game more than anyone could have predicted. It's rare that a top player actually hits free agency these days, with so many players getting locked up earlier and longer than ever. Teams are buying out free agent years early to get the valued "cost certainty".

The wildcard is a profound success, period.

Interleague remains oft-debated, but the attendance figures don't lie. People dig it. Hank hates it. I'm OK with it, but I could easily live without it.

I still hate the changes (and lack of changes) in the All Star game. If I were Commish for a day, I'd do the following about the All Star Game:

  • Eliminate the World Series home field advantage gimmick. PERIOD.
  • Eliminate mandatory representation by every club. It was one thing when there just twenty-something teams, but with 32, too many inferior players are being named at the expense of more qualified players. OR:
  • Expand the roster sizes to accomodate the expansion in the number of teams. If you do this, you can keep mandatory representation. Open the rosters to 35 and eliminate the handwringing.


Ron Rollins said...

Sorry, Jason, but I have to disagree with you about the team representation. Its an exhibition game, which is why the home-field adavantage issue is wrong.

For some fans, like those of in KC, this is defintitely a good thing. I want to see a hometown player. If not, I might not even watch the game. I get enough of the Yankees and Red Sox and Dodgers and Giants on regular telecasts.

Lets showcase some other players who deserve some recognition.

Jason said...

Ron: there was a big "OR" following the mandatory representation. I'm 100% fine with keeping it, but just increase the rosters so that the more deserving guys are not left off in favor from the best guy on a bad team who otherwise wouldn't have made it.

Ron Rollins said...

Sorry, missed the OR. I haven't had a lot of time lately, so I'm kind of skimming things. I need to read a little more closely.

Jason said...

20 lashes with a wet noodle for Ron.