Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why soccer doesn't work here

Very interesting comparison done by fellow blogger and friend of the site Ron Rollins, discussing how the soccer finals being decided by penalty kicks would look if we took that same approach with MLB.

But this is why, in my semi-humble opinion, that soccer will never catch on with true American sports fans. There's no walk-off home run allowed, no 3-pointer at the buzzer, no Hail Mary with no time left on the clock. As Americans, we want more from our champions than an skills contest at the end.
Definitely worth a read.

(and that it gives me a chance to post good anti-soccer pics)


Diesel said...

Oh, Jason. Jasonjasonjason.

I don't think we're friends anymore. Particulary since that's a Roma picture you're using.


Jason said...

awww, Diesel, it's OK. You can like teams who's players hike their shorts up to their underarms to show off their nutsack. It's OK by me, not that there's anything wrong with it.

and truth be told, I enjoy soccer. But it's still not gonna stick here in any material way.

It's like hockey without the violence, on a bigger surface. Hockey has the passion since there's often injuries. Soccer has floppers, like the NBA (see most Euro players, sorry).

Diesel said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure there are as many embarrassing pictures of other sports out there, but I let people have their fun with it.

I disagree with the blanket premise that soccer won't ever stick here, but it's not a an argument I feel like making right now. Maybe one of these days.

Ron Rollins said...

Great pictures. I should have thought of that.

Anonymous said...

Soccer is just boring, I've tried watching it, but it is played on too big a field with 1000000 players and a gigantic net yet there is very little scoring. I think the only reason it's that popular in the rest of the world is because its cheap and, lets say, easy to assemble... not the best wording, I know. Its much more entertaining watching the fans than the actual game, and I'd much rather watch just about anything else than be forced to sit through a soccer game.