Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's NOT all about the Yanks, Hank

Oh lord. How do Yanks fans like me even begin to defend this? We can't. We have to suck it up as if WE PERSONALLY uttered this nonsense. Hank's an embarrassment. From the 1800's? HUH? Try 1972, numbnuts.

Talking like HIS TEAM (the Yanks) is the only one to have their pitchers running, or somehow HIS players are worth more than anyone else's makes him look like an even bigger, pompous jackass than he probably already is.

To anyone daring to read this: We all do not feel this way. We KNOW stuff happens. We hate that Wang got hurt. It sickens me. But we know it's part of the game.

But just know that nearly all the Yanks fans I know look at Hank as a pathetic caricature of his father and don't take his proclamations and utterances seriously. The dialogue of a mad man.

Hank, just shut up. Please. And grow up, please.

I'm officially angry.

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themarksmith said...

Ha ha ha ... Sorry, that's awful. I actually feel bad for Yankees fans, which doesn't happen often. You're absolutely right. He's a big, spoiled brat who's not used to having things not go his way. He won't be a popular guy at owners' meetings, that's for sure.

Mark Hanson said...

I think Hank actually meant "the rule" -- meaning pitchers batting because the DH hadn't been invented yet -- was from the 19th century, which is clumsy but accurate.

But ya: shut up.

themarksmith said...

Joe Torre = Smartest Man in New York

For getting the hell out of there.

Jason said...

I disagree, Mark. It was time for a change. The routine got stale. It's merely coincidental that Hank's mouth/regime coincided with his departure, but the Yanks, as a team, needed a new voice, a new leader.

And I am as much of a Torre fan as the next guy. But it was time.

Mark Hanson said...

And can Mussina shut up too? Because I've run and changed directions plenty of times, and never hurt my foot.

Osmodious said...

Well, as a guy who pulled BOTH hamstrings on his way to first base during a company softball game, I can say that not being used to running can certainly cause issues...

That's not to say that Hankenstein shouldn't shut the hell up, there was probably a better way to put it, though.

Chris H. said...

Um, don't pitchers sometimes have to run to cover first, or field a ball, or something?

Hank makes his father look like a dignified statesman.