Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Have I mentioned: I hate Kyle Farnsworth

Maybe I've said it before. A time or two, right? Just in case you forgot: I hate Kyle Farnsworth. Bigtime. He's doing his best to botch the key role he was brought in to do a few years ago, but has yet to do: hold down the 8th inning role. Now, with Joba moving to the rotation, the Yanks need Farnsworthless to step up and all he continues to do is step back.

UPDATE: Every now and then, I take a peek around the Statcounter "keyword analysis" to see how some of you guys find me, if not from a link elsewhere. Right now, the number one search criteria (over the last 2 weeks or so) that brought you guys here is "I hate Kyle Farnsworth". Congrats, guys. There's lotsa room in the pool, c'mon in! Oh yeah, there was one who searched "kyle farnsworth sucks", too. Feel free to identify yourselves!

As a result of this well-dispersed dislike for Farnsworthless, I created the following group on Yahoo! Groups: I Hate Kyle Farnsworth. Please come and join.

Group name: ihatekylefarnsworth
Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ihatekylefarnsworth

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