Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I need your vote

The whole Mets shamockery had me thinking: How much does Johan regret signing the long term deal? (I know the trade would never have happened without him signing but allow me to wonder what if for a moment).

That being said, there's poll to the upper lefthand side of this site and I'm hoping you take 3 seconds to vote.

The question is: Who will win more playoff games over the next 7 years (the life of Johan's contract): Mets or Twins?

This gets the the whole issue of the Mets wafer-thin farm system, the advancing age of their core, the ineptitude of ownership/leadership, etc., relative to the creative thinkers who manage to reinvent the Twins every few years. Can the Mets cash (remember that new stadium!) overcome?


Osmodious said...

I voted 'Twins' for many reasons, not the least of which is that organization's continued ability to extract performance from seemingly average players...but mostly for their obsolutely astounding track record with scouting. That Kelly is some kind of wizard, and he ain't the only one there...

One thing does give me pause, however, and that is the Twins sacrifice on one of the top 3 home field advantages in all of sport (Yankee Stadium and Fenway being #'s 1 and 3). They will be going to a new stadium in a few years...and, more than that, it is (inexplicably) a roofless outdoor stadium. That might prove to be a factor, especially when they are going down the stretch trying to get into the post-season and having to sacrifice days off for all the make-up games due to snow in May.

themarksmith said...

Two words: Farm system.

Advantage: Twins.