Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Farnsworth

Seems that I'm not alone in my affection (ahem) for Farnsworthless. Good blogging buddies Shyster and Pride of the Yankees seemed to enjoy my disdain. [Update: even the Providence Journal was in on my spiel!]

So naturally, when I saw this in the NY Times today, I had to run with it:


In his last seven games — six coming since Joba Chamberlain began his transition to the rotation — Kyle Farnsworth has an 8.59 E.R.A. Opponents are hitting .414 and slugging .897, with four home runs.

But while saying he would “mix and match” in the eighth inning, Joe Girardi continues to maintain that everything is fine with Farnsworth.

“It seems to me that Kyle’s history gets brought up during the course of this year, where I feel he’s had a ton of good outings,” Girardi said. “He gave up a run yesterday in a tough situation, but that’s not going to keep me from using him in a tough situation, because for this team to be successful, Kyle has to pitch in those types of situations and be successful.”

Taken as a whole, Farnsworth’s numbers are not much different from his track record in New York. He had a 4.36 E.R.A. in 2006, a 4.80 mark last year and a 4.44 figure this season.
Forgive me for channeling the Kevin Bacon "Chip Diller" character from "Animal House", but I can see Girardi's face on Bacon's body, at the end of the movie, shouting: "Remain calm! All is well!" as chaos is breaking out.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm not remaining calm about this.

REMINDER: As a result of this well-dispersed dislike for Farnsworthless, I created the following group on Yahoo! Groups: I Hate Kyle Farnsworth. Please come and join.

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