Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stupid Yankee decisions du jour

I'll make this quick since I do want to escape the office, but my fellow bloggers alerted me to two lousy decisions the Yanks made today:

Ponson? What, his 10+ ERA last year just makes you drool? So what if he was having a decent year in Texas, prior to getting cut for behavior unbecomming a teammate.... I feel dirty.

And the link from Emma Span's Eephus Pitch is priceless.... The Yanks are putting a @#$%^& Hard Rock Cafe in TNYS. Seriously, a Hard Rock? Just a terrible decision. I'll try not to get all food snobbish on you, but putting a Hard Rock in Yankee Stadium, when you have so many better options, just sucks. If you have to put a chain in, put a Houston's or something else. Shoot, why not just put a Linens 'N Things in the Bleachers and a Christmas Tree Shops in the bullpen and we can call the Stadium "The Great American StripMallPark".



themarksmith said...

I agree that the Ponson decision was a bad one. The chance of him doing well is less than him causing a scene. Plus, the media is going to be all over everything he does. In other words, a distraction at a time the Yankees are righting the ship.

On Hard Rock, I've never been there, but it's a popular place. I'm sure it will be packed nonetheless. Is there any say the public has in any of this? Oh wait, that was a dumb question.

Marc, your Bro said...

I just heard about Ponson! Oy vey! Not again! Sucked for the Yanks 2 years ago and hasn't improved with age!

I also agree about the Hard Rock. Col, now we're almost as trendy as Sky Dome!

Marc said...

I heard they are replacing the new Momument Park with a Home Depot.

Jason said...

Marc, "Momument" park? Is that full of Mom-isms? Instead of granite slabs, do they use our old ceramic clumps that we used to make in art class?