Monday, June 9, 2008

In this corner, Mr. Met


Sometimes, truth is just so much better than fiction. And you also have to just love those wacky Mets fans. Yanks fans take a lot of heat, but I've long believed that Mets fans are worse. And by reading this, I defy you to argue against me:

At a recent game, the drunken fan manhandled the Amazin's smiling, giant-baseball-headed mascot, police said. He also allegedly knocked down kids and took a swing at a security guard.
Christian Hansen of Gowanus, Brooklyn, was seen "harassing Mr. Met and pushing little children out of the way" at Shea Stadium, a law-enforcement source said. When security officials told the soused sports nut to leave, he refused. Then, as security guards escorted out the Mr. Met-basher, Hansen took a wild swing at an employee and spit in his face, law-enforcement sources said.
Let's go Mets!

H/T to Glenn for the story. Glad he's a Mets fan.

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