Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Walk this way

With apologies to Aerosmith (or the always fun Aerosmith/Run-DMC version), Joba's debut was not a good one last night. Some quick thoughts:

  • I was surprised by the lack of control. Just nerves? Strange, though, as he's been super in high-pressure spots before.
  • Could the build-up have gotten to him?
  • I'm more concerned about the gaping hole in the bullpen than his eventual transition to starter.
  • The bullpen caved last night, again.
  • Could Michael Kay be any more breathless as the first pitch was delivered? Where were Suzyn Waldman's tears?
  • Has Hank issued any ultimatums yet?
  • I still believe in Joba
  • Now that the first one is behind us, we can all dial it down a bit. Right? RIGHT?!?

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