Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One final Willie thought

Was reading Buster's blog earlier and this just jumped out at me and smacked me in the face (emphasis mine):

It was a Mets' bloodbath in the New York papers today for the team, in the aftermath of the strange press conference of Omar Minaya, in which he said he made the decision to fire Willie Randolph Monday morning -- despite the fact that everything down to the identity of the replacement coaches had been in the papers and on Web sites beginning on Friday. Randolph told Bill Rhoden he has his doubts about whether it was Minaya's call. Randolph also had a very different take on what his conversation with Minaya was on Sunday evening, before he got on the team bus:

"I actually asked him," Randolph said, "I said: 'Omar, do this now. If you're going to do this, do this now. I know you've got a lot of pressure on you, but if I'm not the guy to lead this team, then don't let me get on this plane.' I did say that to him."
How on Earth could Minaya let Willie get on the plane after Willie said that to him? The only rational answer is that the Wilpon's pushed Minaya to do it... but even still, why did Minaya let Willie get on the plane? Why?

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