Monday, June 16, 2008

Hating Boston: Not just for NY'ers anymore

See, it's not just NY'ers who find Boston fans insufferable, annoying, etc. The good folks in Philly, always a barometer of sanity within their fandom, had some fun things to say about our Sawx brethren:

I see people. I see annoying people. I see annoying people wearing blue hats with a red B on the front.

And they're . . . they're . . . everywhere!

Yes, it is the seemingly annual invasion of the denizens of Red Sox Nation. (Motto: In Us We Irritate.) It is a nation whose currency is based on being cloying, self-important, pompous, overly loud and, regrettably, ever-present, and the economy is great. Axis of Evil? You make your list of nations that belong and I'll make mine.

Wait, there's more contempt, and far be it from me to withold it:

There's nothing cuddly or cute about a team with a $133 million payroll. You can't be an underdog if you spend like the Kennedys. If the Red Sox - who struggled to draw one million fans under the penurious final seasons of Yawkey family ownership - were once a cold-water walk-up on Kenmore Square, they are now a gated compound on the Cape.

Oh, I know. The fans sing songs together and have other adorable rituals, and tend to overlook small things like the fact that Manny Ramirez is one of the most selfish, self-indulgent players in the game. Ah, c'mahn. He's a Sawk.

Well, self-indulgence loves company, so much so that somewhere around 15,000 fans nationwide have sent in their $15 to become official citizens in the nation, complete with membership cards and newsletters and probably a secret lyrics sheet.


Ron Rollins said...

I agree completely. The Sox used to be a franchise you could like. Constantly getting close but never making it, great players, and a great stadium.

Winning the 2 Series was great for them, but now they've changed. Except I liken them to the Dodgers. Fans who think they're owed something, and they have the right be as irritating as possible.

Osmodious said...

We went to Baltimore over Memorial Day and saw the Yanks play the Orioles...two rows in front of us was a Red Sox fan (who looked like something out of the D&D Monster Manual, in the 'Gnomes and Dwarves' section) and his troglodyte wife. They were the loudest and most obnoxious people in the entire ballpark...and there were a LOT of Yankee fans there!

Seriously, this asshat ruined the game for scores of people (many of whom actually MOVED to get away from him). Kevin Millar is a hero but Johnny Damon is a traitorous bum...yeah, whatever (these are the same types that boo ARod, forgetting that he was willing to take a pay CUT to play there but their management screwed it up!).

People badmouth Yankee fans, but the fact is that Yankee fans are also BASEBALL fans. Red Sox fans are masochistic retches that are incapable of feeling anything other than the huge chip on their shoulder. I have seen Yankee fans cheer an opposing player for a 'Web Gem'...and I have seen Red Sox fans shout obscenities to Jorge Posada in the batter's box about his son's medical condition. Sick, sick people.

Jason said...

Os, that's a crazy story, but I'm not surprised.

I might have to add that entire quote as an addendum....

Anonymous said...

os, i was in Boston with my friend who is a boston fan and we were 6 rows from the warmup circle when Jorge was on deck. Guy directly behind us yelled "Little Jorge is brain dead!" Posada was twisting at teh waist so he saw him yell it. And then this M@sshole pointed at my friend for some reason. IT made me want to throw up.