Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why I hate Kyle Farnsworth

I was asked why I hate Kyle Farnsworth. I had to step back and and explain it in a different way. He seems like a nice enough guy (except when you charge the mound). He seems like he cares and genuinely wants to win and succeed. So here's how I explained it:

I hate Kyle Farnsworth because he's got so much natural talent and all I want is for him to be as great as his talent. Because of those expectations, it makes me hate his failings that much more. I don't hate LaTroy Hawkins because I don't think he has the natural stuff that Farnsworth does, therefore I hold lower expectations than Farnsworth. Maybe I just need to lower my expectations for him. But that's hard for me to do since I can see how much God-given talent this guy has.

This is why fans boo their stars, I think. We want them to succeed SO badly, when they fail, we're disappointed. We know they are supremely talented and we want that talent to shine.

Major league ballplayers can hit speed when it's just speed. When there's no movement, professional hitters can catch up to 100MPH straightballs. As my Dad yelled to me over the phone the other day: "Just move your middle finger over a half an inch and make the ball move a little!"

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