Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sometimes, it IS about the money

I love a good list, and this is about as good as they come (courtesy of

Ranking the 50 highest-earning athletes in the U.S.

  1. Tiger Woods: $127.9m last year, including $105m in endorsements. "With close to $800 million in total earnings on and off the course over his 13-year career, Tiger should become the first billion-dollar athlete in the next two years -- and he's still only 32." And that gets you Elin, which is a good thing.
  2. Phil Mickelson: $62.4m.
  3. LeBron James: $40.5m. (who needs college, right?)
  4. Floyd Mayweather Jr.: $40.3m.
  5. Kobe Bryant: $35.5m. With $16m in endorsements, like sponsors kinda sorta forgot about that whole "issue" that took place in Colorado a few years back. Just sayin'...
  6. Shaq: $35.0m. Funny how Shaq and Kobe are still inseparable.
  7. A-Rod: $35.0m. "Assuming A-Rod plays out his new mammoth 10-year, $275 million deal, he'll have earned $445 million in base salary alone over the course of what would be a 24-year career."
  8. Kevin Garnett: $31.0m.
  9. Peyton Manning: $30.5m. And no Gisele.
  10. Derek Jeter: $30.0m. Cap'n Jetes, still on the list. And you needed another reason to hate him, or just want to be him?

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Chris H. said...

You'd think Goober Manning would be higher on the list. Isn't he in, like, every third commercial on the air?