Friday, June 13, 2008

It's about the wood, stupid

Evidently, the splintering maple bat epidemic is due to inferior wood and wood drying techniques, not the type of wood. In other words, "it's about the wood, stupid".

Every time [Sam, the company’s founder and the father of maple bats] Holman sees a maple bat break into three or more pieces, he said, it could be a sign that the maple was not dry enough before the bat was made. Holman’s company uses a vacuum kiln designed to thoroughly dry maple and help the bats remain durable and not splinter into dangerous pieces.
What about safety for the fans? Looks like Moose has our interest at heart:
Holman said M.L.B. could address the safety concerns for fans by extending the netting from behind the plate to the ends of the dugout. That possibility is expected to be discussed.

We’ve been saying that for 10 years,” Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina said. “We’d like the fans to be able to go home with their teeth.”

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