Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jeter passes The Mick

Not much to say here other than offering Jeter a hearty congrats as he just passed The Mick on the Yanks all-time hit list. Jeter's now #3 all-time, behind some other well known guys: Gehrig, Ruth. Pretty impressive company. Say what you will about Jeter (as some say: "overrated"), but this guy has done it every year, consistently and with class and respect.

Rank Player H PA
1. Lou Gehrig 2721 9660
2. Babe Ruth 2518 9197
3. Derek Jeter 2416 8655
4. Mickey Mantle 2415 9909
Nice work, Cap'n Jetes.


themarksmith said...

People think he's over the hill, but I feel that Jeter is one of those guys who gets lost because he always does the little things (getting hits, scoring runs, making heady plays) and not the big things (home runs, RBI's). It feels weird to say a Yankee is underappreciated. I really think this guy is one of the best ever, but we don't treat him that way. This coming from a Braves fan.

Ron Rollins said...

As much as I am not a Yankees fan, I would take Derek Jeter on the Royals any day.

Mostly for him because I'm one of those idiots who believe in the intangibles of the game. And that's what Jeter's strength is, to me.

The desire to win, and to play well. If KC has someone like that, we wouln't be the mess we are now.

Baseball Savant said...

Gehrig, Ruth, Mantle......and Jeter?

I know Jeter has pretty much been the face of the Yankees since he's been one, but the air around those 3 Yankees great is a little to thin for Jeter to be that high.

I think anyone could make an argument that Ruth, Gehrig or Mantle are the greatest player to have ever played the game. Jeter isn't in the top-100 in that category.

Congrats to the Cap'n, but it doesn't look right to this Yankees fan.

themarksmith said...

No, he's not one of the top 100. But I think he's certainly one of the top 20 shortstops. It's still too soon. He's only 34, so he probably still has 6 seasons left in him. At around 200 hits per season, he would end up with around 3500 hits. That would put him 4th or 5th all-time. Let's say he averages 150 hits. That's 3300 hits. That puts him about 10th. I think that would make him one of the best ever.

Jason said...

It's an interesting position that Jeter is in. On one hand, people view him as overrated, a product of the NY media/hype machine. OTOH, as you start to look at his career and his accumulated stats, maybe he's actually underrated.

He will have over 3000 hits. He will have at least 4 WS rings. He will have a few Gold Gloves (even if you want to disagree, fine, but he did get them). He'll have a career BA over .300. And he'll have done most of it as a SS.

Is Jeter one of the 100 best players ever? I'm not sure. But that's a heckuva topic to discuss soon. (in other words: once I get the time!)