Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another look behind the Yanks curtains

This is a long one, but a sober, somber, honest view into the Yanks ownership and the transition from George to Hank & Hal. It's a view worth taking a look at. And worth noting how it seems that Hal is really the one slowly coming to power while Hank remains the loudmouth that people are ignoring more and more.

Hal has slowly become more visible, allowing himself to be caught by reporters for short interviews while exiting Girardi’s office. “Hank doesn’t want to be there, but Hal does,” says a person who’s done business with the family. “And he’s not gonna want to share that limelight.”
And regarding Cashman and his quest for continued power, if he returns:
Of course, another possibility is more hot air. “Randy and Brian have put together a very functional leadership group,” says one prominent baseball agent. “Hank and Hal are more of an aggravation than anything. I don’t think Brian would be there after all these years if he couldn’t really run the club.” If the brothers decide to bring back Cashman, they will essentially be relegating themselves to figureheads.
Love the Yanks or hate 'em, it's a compelling read about one of the most influential owners in MLB history and the transition to the next generation, however unwilling they might be/have been.

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