Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yanks pining for Burnett

After last night's 11K effort by AJ Burnett (1 ER, 8 IP), the Yanks are clearly eyeing him in a big way. And not just the front office:

Yankees players want Burnett with them next year so much that when he was struck on the leg by a Robinson Cano smash in the third, a player in the dugout turned to trainer Gene Monahan and said, "Go check him out."
He might be the Yanks first choice once Sabathia decides that he doesn't need the extra $45M. Just in case you were curious to hear GAKIII's thoughts on the (possibly) available pitchers:
Sabathia is going to demand Johan Santana money (six years; $137.5 million), Burnett is leaving $24 million on the table for two years when he opts out and hopes to make $15 million a year. Sheets' medical history makes him the third on the list, but he has dynamite stuff and will get paid well. Right-hander Derek Lowe is the best of the second-tier free agents and the former Red Sox is AL East-tested.

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