Friday, September 26, 2008

You won't have Pavano to kick around any more

(sorry for the late start today; the deluge in NY made the commute painfully slow)

Mercifully, typically, quietly...the Pavano Era ended last night. Just a quiet thud. The game had little meaning for the Yanks other than trying to keep Roy Halladay from winning his 20th of the season and his 5th against the Yanks.
Pavano faced seven batters in a three-run fourth inning before Wells chased him with a two-run single to left. Joe Inglett had the other Toronto RBI against Pavano, who -- in all likelihood -- completed his Yankees career allowing eight hits over 3 2/3 innings.
So that's it. The American Idle Era is over. Nine wins, eight losses over four years and a hair under $40M.

And here's my early prediction: Pavano wins 17 next year for a team in the NL West and many Yanks fans will cry out "where was this the last four years?!?!"

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