Friday, September 19, 2008

More Verducci

With a very real fear of Yankee Stadium-is-closing overload, I will simply point out another Verducci special. This time, telling the Stadium's story in first-person format, as if he were the Stadium, sharing stories and secrets.

It's O.K. You need not feel sorry for me. I have lived a full life. I was born in 1923, the same year as Maria Callas, Charlton Heston, Roy Lichtenstein and Norman Mailer. All are gone now. They did well in the time with which they were graced to strut about the stage. I'd like to think I have done likewise.

Besides, I really haven't been myself since 1973, when they cut me clean open and for two years rearranged most of my vital organs (even the one that nimble-fingered Eddie Layton used to play), removed some of them and put me back together in such a way that I looked nothing like I did before.

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