Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday fun: George Brett's poop problems

Never order crab legs if you are dining with and hanging out with George Brett. You know, just because.

EDIT: Gotta say, in looking at the number of people who searched for some combo of "George Brett" and "poop" and arrived here is staggering. Hope you didn't search from work. And don't crap yourself laughing, either.

UPDATE (9/25/08): Seems that Time Warner is investigating the release of the video:

The video was some footage shot of Brett several years ago during a spring training when Tony Pena was the Royals’ manager. Brett was shown joking around with some players George Brettwhile talking graphically about how overeating can cause, shall we say, a certain undesirable bodily function.

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Anonymous said...

its gone...sadness.