Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The genius of Manny

Joe Posnanski has a fun article on Manny. In typical Joe Pos form, though muted more on, he weaves a great story about Manny and his ability to hit at a level that has other pros shaking their heads.

He has a number of quotes from baseball insiders attesting to the genius that is Manny:
"When it comes to hitting, the guy's mind works on a whole other level," [Allard Baird, a longtime baseball scout and executive (and Boston Red Sox advisor)] says.
"You can't judge Manny like you judge anybody else," says
one former big league manager. "Again and again, he will make you wonder if it's worth it. But then you will watch him hit, and you will remember: 'Yeah, it is.'"
Say what you will about the way he weaseled his way out of Boston, the man is flat out destroying the NL.

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