Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whither Abreu, Giambi

I like Bobby Abreu. He's quiet, professional and is on base nearly 40% of his plate appearances. That said, his defense is abysmal. He can't go back on a ball and heaven forbid he gets near a wall; he acts like the wall is made of poison tipped razor blades. But he's a professional, and also, vastly overpaid. A million dollars per HR is a bad ratio, even if he's not the HR hitter he once was.

Part of me really would like to see Bobby back at some reasonable price ($17m/2 yr) deal but I can't see that happening any longer.

And unless Giambi wants to take a mere $5M over his $5M buyout, he's as good as gone. It's been a strange life with Giambi as a Yankee. Part euphoric, part embarrassing, mostly frustrating. He seems a nice enough guy, fun to be around, but he can't play ANY defense and he sure isn't getting any younger and his bat speed ain't improving. He's one of the guys I really wish I had a chance to meet in person.

With Nady returning in 2009, likely to Abreu's spot in RF, Matsui in LF/DH, Damon LF/CF/DH, plus Melky and some of the other kids on the farm now enjoying their cups of coffee, this team needs to do something. I'd look to flip Matsui to SF (Fred Lewis, please!), Melky and others for pitching.

Bottom line, these will be the last few days for Abreu, Giambi and many others. It's time. And oh by the way, Pettitte's gone, too.

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Carl the Big Fool said...

Did you know Abreu once won a Gold Glove? Which can only mean one thing: whoever votes on Gold Gloves has no frickin' idea what they're talking about. He's NEVER been a particularly good fielder.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

dont get me roiled on the GG awards. i'm still pissed about Palmiero winning one while only playing the field 26 games (over Tino)

And Jeter's won a bunch with limited range but a flare for the dramatic. It works both ways.

Meanwhile, Jim Kaat, up for election to the HOF wactually won 16 of them. Pretty impressive.

Ron Rollins said...

There's a tear running down my cheek from the corner of my eye.

I haven't had a good laugh like this in a long time.

Like, since about '85.

dinologic said...

On Abreu:
I have to agree that Abreu has been a solid player during his time here. He's just one of those guys that grinds out at bats and puts the bat on the ball (although, I am pretty surprised to see that he Ks well over 100 times per year. It doesn't seem like it. Not like ARod who seems to strike out every other AB). Abreu is not typically considered athletic but he does bring several tools to the table. But he'll be 35 on opening day next year so I guess I can see the logic in letting him go.

On Giambi:
"and his bat speed ain't improving."

Why not? Carlos Delgado's mysteriously did. Must've been the Willie firing, right? Riiight.

On getting something for Igawa:
If Cashman manages to get anything for that waste they should give him the exec of the year award on the spot.