Monday, September 29, 2008

Reader mailbag: Mets choke

This is why I really enjoy the emails and give-and-take with you guys. There are some great talents out there looking to have some fun. From Mark, a Yanks fan, who was eager to postpone work to put this together for me:

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dinologic (Dean D) said...

My sister's boyfriend is a rabid (and irrational) Met fan. I can't wait for Christmas this year because I can use the same joke I used last year - "Ken, I was going to give you a Mets statue for Christmas this year but it collapsed."


For the longest time, I used to belittle Mets and Sox fans for taking more pleasure in Yankee failures than they do in the occassional successes of their own teams, but now I'm kind of in that boat. Aside from hoping the Sox get trounced by the Angels (while rooting for the Rays and Cubbies) there's not much else to do this October.