Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jeter vs. Rose

I like Joe Posnanski as much as the next seamhead, particularly his wandering, meandering longer rambles. Here's one of his that debated Rose vs. Jeter, chock full of chunky stats and creamy goodness.

Have at it.


Mark said...

Wow, how many other MSM sports writers do it like that? Not many.

That said, Jeter = classy goodness, while Rose = lying, betting on his team, tax-dodging scum.

So, like, Jeter wins.

cf said...

mark- though i agree with the sentiment, isn't jeter getting sued by NYC for back taxes?

Osmodious said...

That was settled, and his primary residence IS in Florida, so one could see why a person would think that they would pay taxes there. Of course, it probably had nothing to do with him anyway, when you are uber-rich like he is, you "have accountants pay for it all".