Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cashman agrees to 3 year deal

It's official!

Cashman is staying on as general manager of the Yankees, agreeing Tuesday to a three-year contract that runs through 2011.

"I've got a job to finish here," Cashman said in a statement. "That's the bottom line."

Yeah, I was wrong last week, sort of (check the *), and I am happy he's staying. I will make the leap that Hal's more in charge with the day-to-day operation than Hank. That's a good thing, methinks.

Last week's disclaimer: * Here's my out: If Hal has a bigger role within the organization that it outwardly appears, Cashman will stay. In fact, if Cashman stays, I will assume this to be true. That's the only way I can see it happening.

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tHeMARksMiTh said...

I still think he's a masochist.