Thursday, September 11, 2008

A pause

Guys, I'm taking a pause this morning. I'm not an overly philosophical person, but this day always gives me pause. I was in NYC this day seven years ago. I watched the police and fire scream the wrong way down Third Avenue. I saw the smoke in the distance. I feared for friends working downtown. I feared that my father was down there, too. I remember the sickly feeling of being on one of the first trains out of Grand Central Station later that day, sitting staring blindly out the windows in disbelief. I will never forget the people sitting near me, covered and caked in this white dust, the debris from the Towers. The vacant look in their eyes. I have never heard a more scary quiet moment in my life. I hope I never will again. I remember finally getting home to my crying wife and my son, just a year and a half old at the time, holding them with all the thanks in the world, scared that the world as we knew it has ended.

This morning, I'm taking a break. I'll pick it back up later. I hope you understand.

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